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Vincent Mentzel

Site for client Vincent Mentzel in Rotterdam. One of the best-known Dutch photojournalists.


PC Full Service

Site for client PC Full Service in Amsterdam. Specialized in repair of all your computer devices, desktop/pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad and iPhone.

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Florus 70

Site for Florus Wijsenbeek who celebrated his 70th anniversary with a reception, concert and city tours in the Historical Museum of the Hague.

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Yad elie foundation

Site for our client is based in Jerusalem.

The board is run by Jewish people. Their goals and mission is to support both Jews as well as Muslims. The have some good examples of integration in schools in both East and West Jerusalem.

The objectives of Yad Elie Foundation are:
To eliminate hunger as a learning impediment and as an inhibitor of pursuing gainful employment
To make pupils responsible for their health and the health of others (environment)
To promote coexistence and a useful dialogue between the Arabs and the Jews in Jerusalem

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design with nature

Design With Nature wants to create a mudbrick house according to traditional Nubian earth architecture with a modern twist: we add renewable energy. Domes, vaults, positioned on sun and wind. We will set up an applied research centre that will both revive this Nubian craft as well as contribute to the solution of an environmental problem and empower local people.

They work from Cairo, Egypt. The project location is around 125 km southwest of Cairo. Beautiful area where, desert, huge oasis and big desert lakes meet in breathtaking landscape.

Their building materials such as limestone rock, mud, sand and straw are all available within a circle of 500 meter around their project location.

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dutch design company

dutch design company started in 1990 as Den Oudsten Graphic Design.

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