Lego with Atoma rings in leather binding

Lego met Atoma ringen in lederen binding special books Lego with atoma rings in leather binding

Winner of the Sudanese Book Award 2005

Lego® plate with Lego® little bricks in Atoma® rings stitched to a leather binding.

Client preferred to be able to change each page inside his book at random in any other order. This way his book never looked the same.

We came up with this ingenious system which is the original and old fashioned way for Belgian accountants to take out the huge pages and insert them later after having worked manually on their bookkeeping and calculations. It dates back to the twenties.

An Atoma® Script is a special booklet whose pages are loosely attached between a number of rings. This makes it easy to retrieve the pages, and insert new pages. The atoma scripts are produced by Atoma, a Belgian company that makes books with rings. The idea behind the paper was patented by the French Andre Tomas and Andre Marti around 1923, hence the name. From 1948 they produced the writings.

Client was now able to easily take pages out and insert them in any other order.

The book is designed with Arabic typefaces in combination with world famous typeface Gill Sans. Eric Gill designed this  typeface in 1916.

For this occasion a logo is specially designed.

• book block 25,5 x 25,5 cm
• cover plano 26,5 x 26,5 cm

• cover: Lego® plate with Lego® bricks
• paper: multidesign natural 130 grs

• bonding: Atoma rings in leather stitched to a Lego® plate
• print: offset in fullcolor
• typography: typeface Gill Sans + Arabic typeface Fedra

special books



DAL Group Ltd, Khartoum, the Sudan




Concept, design & typography


New Life Printing Press, Khartoum, the Sudan


Handbinding in Umdurman, the Sudan

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