Japanese binding with mud and quadruple folded carton cover

special books Japanese binding with mud and quadruple folded carton cover

Nominated by Egyptian Innovation prize sustainable design 2010

Book for architect Ahmad Hamid architects

It consists of 6 different layers.

Nearly square size 10 x 10,5 cm, the 0,5 cm is for binding area.
Japanese binding of label paper which is folded inside out.
Printed on both sides, inside in mirror to be able to read it normally on the front side.
Since it is only 60 grs paper with a low opacity the mirror print gives an extra cachet to the typography.

Some pages are extractable to four times wider to the right and left side.

Japanese binding with mud and quadruple folded carton cover. Book block has a foldable cover of 2 mm in four part, coming together in 8 mm front cover + 8 mm back cover.
Basic book block has a paper wrapped cover.

In the binding area of 5 mm, several quotes of Ahmad Hamid are mentioned in font size 6 pt.

The basic book has a paper wrap completely around.

This is inserted in a layer of Egyptian Nile mud with a hidden enveloppe for a round USB stick on which the book is digitally transferred as a PDF file.

Around this mud console we created an overall light carton swing cover to keep all elements in the right place and position.

Finally we created a big nice organic box, made of dade tree stalks in a special way. This has been done by the experienced craftsmen in Fayoum, Egypt.

• 10 x 10,5 cm
• 68 pages

• two different paper choices:
• paper used for printing labels on glass bottles and one sided – Montana new 90 grs, one sided coated label paper with rough rear side
• fast print gold 60 grs low opacity

• digital printing

• date stalk

Environmental friendly ink will be used based on vegetable oils.

special books


Ahmad Hamid Architects

Concept, design, lay-out

Lenoir Schuring, Amstelveen

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