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Mediation in the insurance branche is a relatively new field of mediation. The launch of their campaign set this brochure in the spotlights.

We developed their logo before.

Most of the conflicts in the insurance branche can be solved via mediation, easy, fast and cheap and to the satisfaction of all parties. They are not confronted with each other in court or arbitration, but try with the help of professional mediators to come to a solution together.

Mediation of complex insurance disputes is on the rise. It may be required by a court, or it may be agreed to by the parties. Mediation offers the prospect of an efficient resolution to disputes that may be costly and distracting to litigate where private attempts at settlement have failed. Successful mediations require a genuine commitment by the parties to the process, a sensible process tailored to the dispute and a good mediator.

Mediation is a negotiation between two or more parties facilitated by a third-party neutral known as a mediator. Mediation adds structure to simple negotiations between the parties but is less rigid than an arbitration or traditional litigation. Mediation’s great strength is that it offers parties an opportunity to create a process that suits the nature and size of their claim and involves an objective and respected third-party neutral, all of which increases the chances the parties will find common ground. Mediators do not in normal course issue rulings or make decisions that are binding on the parties; instead mediators attempt to create an environment likely to result in a settlement.

• brochure 17 x 24 cm
• cover plano 56 x 24 cm

• cover: 1 mm recycled carton with a 12 cm overlap
• paper: multidesign natural 130 grs

• binding: binding with green yard
• print: offset PMS
• typography: typeface TheSans + TheSerif

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