Birch plywood book cover with lasercutting

lasercutting in plywood Birch plywood book cover with lasercutting Berkenhouten multiplex boekomslag gelasered

Featured by Best Dutch Book Designs 2014

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Florus Wijsenbeek asked me to design a book in which all his published articles in Hollands Maandblad from the past 15 years are collected. He describes his experiences as a member of the Liberal Fraction of the European Parliament in a remarkable style. Title is Kuifje in Europa.

An extraordinary project with greatest creative freedom, resulting in a book with a 3 mm birch plywood cover.

The lasercutting process was quite a challenge to enable the plywood to bent with a hinge. We combined the laser engraving on the front as well as on the backside of the cover. The corners of the book are rounded. Through the lasered title, the eyes of Florus are visible. The cover is 2 cm larger than the book block. Swiss bonded, so the book opens easy and turnng the pages is very flexible.

To be able to bent the plywood cover we used a unique lasercutting technique. Birch plywood has been cut in a very special way with thin small cuts to make the stiff plywood easily bent. Very flexible cover.

For this occasion a logo is specially designed.

• book block 17 x 24 cm
• cover plano 19 x 42 cm

• cover: 3 mm birch plywood with a 2 cm overlap
• paper: multidesign natural 130 grs

• Swiss bonding with 4 colors of yarn
• lasercutting plywood to enable folding by tiny cuts
• laserengraving cover back + front
• print: offset two colors of different black
• typography: typeface TheSans + TheSerif

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