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Dutch Design Company creates anything concerning corporate branding and visual communication.

With great pleasure we find creative solutions for your complex jobs. This can result in a book, brochure or poster, or a consistent visual identity, but also an exhibition or campaign or your sustainable green house with renewable energy.

The choice of the material highly contributes to the visual impression and message. We use them in unexpected ways and meant for other purposes, such as: steel, mud, lego, carton, reinforced glass, bubble wrap, perspex, chocolate, dade stalks, ceramic, magnets.

We have 24 years of experience.

Different [dif-er-uh nt]

The confidence our clients give us, creates the freedom in our designs. That is precious and necessary.

All our books are made together with craftsmen and -women with an eye for detail, perfection and tradition. We always make a dummy to see if the paper choice is right, the binding good and the size of the book suits the purpose.

We are unconventional and creative enough to consider anything. We often use materials which are meant for other purposes, such as book covers of birch plywood / security glass / mud & straw / steel, bookbinding with dade stalks and plant fibre.

We have no agenda, no 24/7, work and life go naturally and axiomatic.

Exceptional craftsmanship

We merge our knowledge of strategy, design and technology to achieve smart solutions and exceptional designs. We think critically with a strong communications strategy that really works. We do this by representing the public of our customers and make them central to our process.

Dynamics & results

We develop effective solutions without being tied to a specific medium. Depending on the concept we choose for digital or conventional media.

Creative thinkers

We are not only creatives, but also thinkers. We can carry out everything in-house by a dedicated team of experts and collaborate with others.

Information flows

Specialised in designing complex information flows: books (special productions, monographs and museum catalogs), reports, infographics, websites, magazines and complex corporate and event styles. We work in latin and arabic script.

Digital revolution

Brand strategy, business models and user expectations: the digital revolution changes everything. 
Dutch design company helps organizations to use this to their advantage. With strategy development, design & development and product optimization.

UX designer

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of a visual designer, UX researcher, product designer, front-end developer, strategist, UX designer.

Craftsmanship & approach

We help our customers with all our expertise, from advise to result. Clear traject, custom made solutions, craftsmanship. This results in effective products.

  • brand naming
  • branding
  • corporate writing
  • online content
  • webdesign
  • online magazines
  • annual reports
  • infographics
  • logos & corporate identities
  • graphic design
  • books
  • publications

For an awesome experience on all your devices

Who is she

willemien den oudsten

  • Willemien is a designer for 25 years
  • Originally a lawyer
  • Assistent prof at the American University in Cairo


  • Her strength is special design projects such as books and visual identities
  • She creates websites in WordPress and takes care of the complete project from design, text, to updating and hosting
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